Setting Cron Job to empty Mailboxes


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Nov 21, 2012
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I'm trying to set up some cron jobs to empty mailboxes after specified period. I want a hands free, set it and forget process.

I found a website that gave some examples of the command for cron job, so gave it a go. I have tried the following for one of my mail accounts -

/usr/bin/archivemail --quiet --delete --days 2 /home/magicalw/mail/
(I've removed my actual domain from above command) Unfortunately I'm returned the following error -

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/jailshell: /usr/bin/archivemail: No such file or directory
I've connected to the server by root and taken a peek, and sure enough there is no folder called "archivemail".

My server is running CENTOS 6.5 x86_64 virtuozzo / WHM 11.40.1 (build 11)

Can anybody help with what would be the correct path for this cron?

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Oops, looks like I posted this in the wrong forum. Thanks for moving thread to correct place! :)
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