Oct 7, 2022
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Hi, is there a way to have a static Default Address (catch all) for all domains.

I have 100+ domains, I would like to change the catch all email for all of them to [email protected].

Is there any way to set that "globally" so that works for all domains and also any domains I add later?
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Sure - there is a "Forward to Email Address" option in the interface, so you could have them all go to the same email address.

As far as doing all accounts globally, you could use the API call at Create default email address although you'd need to create a custom script that would loop through all the domains on the server.

I'm not finding a way to set this up so future accounts have this in place automatically. That sounds like it would make a good feature request, though, if you'd like to submit one using the link in my signature.
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