Setting Name Servers in cPanel / DNS Hosting with another provider


Oct 12, 2011
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Hi, (Sorry if this is a pretty silly question) ...

I have a domain registered & hosted with provider (a) - for which I have a cPanel & current website up & running.

I have a new website which is on IP address xxxx that I would like to forward the registered domain to & disregard the old/current website.

I have purchased DNS hosting with provider (b) & want to set the name servers in the cPanel (provider a) to point to the new DNS hosting with provider (b).

In the cPanel under Simple DNS Zone Editor I have the option to edit;
[h=4]Add an A Record
Add a CNAME Record[/h]I want to set the domain to point to my DNS Host; &

do I just do this under A Record? & do I need to delete any of the current zone file records once I have set the 2 new name servers?

But if I go to enter in the name field of add an A Record it does not automatically identify the IP address for this like other hosting provider panels do.

Can someone please help to point me in the right direction of what steps I need to do to get this current domain to point to my DNS Host? So I can get the old website to point to my new website at IP address.

Many Thanks for your time & help :D