Setting Recommended Email Send Limits


Dec 18, 2017
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Hi there,

I think this is not the correct way to ask for some information related, but I am a little bit lost, I was looking for this question, but I was not able to find it.

Very simple. cPanel Staff Recommendations.

I am trying to use OUTLOOK to send "Combined Correspondence" (sort of like massive mailing from Outlook account, in a PC). I want to send more that 2.000 mails, and I now have everything prepared.

But, I was asking to myself the procedure to send from a "[email protected]" through a cPanel server, and then came the most important question: "recommendations?"

I know how to Set an hourly limit for an account's domains, Set an hourly limit for an individual domain, or Set the default hourly limit for all domains (How to Set Email Send Limits - cPanel Knowledge Base - cPanel Documentation), but I want to know your recommendations (values) to prevent my server (or domain) to be added as a SPAM SERVER or SPAM DOMAIN.

Maybe we have to create or add a very special script on a domain name. I don't know.
In my humble opinion, this question is very representative for a company as cPANEL and its software, not to became a massive mail server, but, to work very similar preventing blocks, or spamm marks for clients (as me).

For more information, I have several domains in the same server, and it works simple, with different websites, nothing special.

Sorry if I fail the way or the place to ask my question. I have to send all in few hours and I do not want to create a big problem.

Thanks a lot.