Setting up a dedicated smtp host


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Dec 24, 2007
All our Cpanel hosts are periodicaly blacklisted by well known email hosts. AOL is by far the worst. Email is either placed in recipient ISP's spam boxes or bounced altogether. This is a problem for email sent via webmail (since webserver shares same IP) and email sent via website forms and mailing lists. I suspect this is mainly due to a colossal spam load transitting email forwarders. There is no spam filtering on forwarded email even with Spam Assassin enabled. What are the solutions? I suspect:

a) Spam filtering of all incoming email as it arrives (ie before relay) and
b) a dedicated smtp host similar to authsmtp

In the latter case, I am thinking of a standalone box with an email-only Cpanel license. If clients have to authenticate, how can that box establish a comms link with the box hosting their incoming email and website to authenticate? Is there any easy method?