Setting up a new server (also a new IP address) to host email functions of domains on first server


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Jun 27, 2015
Elgin, Scotland
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I have just purchased a new WHM server (VPS) to take over the email functions/service from the original website's email accounts on the original server (and old IP address).

I wish to move/change the IP address of some mail accounts > to the new server, and I understand that I need to make new A records (e.g. mail.NEWESERVER.TLD for the new server/IP address) and MX records pointing to these new A records. (Please correct me if this is wrong!)

If this is correct, is there any good practice you can helpfully suggest to me to follow, to move the email accounts from the 'old' server to the 'new' server?

Do I have to setup the same domain/account on the new server's WHM accounts, and then copy over all the emails from the old account, or is this rather cumbersome?

Perhaps there is any easier way?

Many thanks in advance for any advise people might offer me.

Regards, Robin.


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Apr 11, 2011

You are correct that you must update the mail-related "A" records, and "MX" records, to point to the new server. A cPanel account for the domain name is required in order to host it's email. Does the previous server use cPanel? If so, you can simply copy over the entire account using "WHM >> Transfer Tool". It's documented at:

Transfers - Documentation - cPanel Documentation

Thank you.