Setting up an SFTP server question


Aug 24, 2018
Los Angeles
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I know windows ftp - I know jack and squat about cpanel or whm and jack just left town.

I've got a hosted whm vps package on godaddy because I thought it would be as easy to set up an FTP site as it is on their regular hosted however they don't support WHM VPS sites and I'm completely lost.

Our only goals are.
1. set up an sftp site for multiple users each with access to only their folder e.g. user bob could only access the bob folder - no other folders.
2. if possible have a root user with access to all those folders.

That's it - nothing more - I'm sure it is easy but I have zero idea how to begin. I created one user - it's only option was the default package and I have access to a bunch of folders I don't need. The user isn't the domain owner . I tried creating another user and it said I could only do one per domain.

To be clear we can set up the folder part but when we tested it was FTP - couldn't find a way to make it sftp only.
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Apr 11, 2011