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Aug 29, 2004
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Hi, yes, i know this has been discussed before but any topics seem outdated.

Basically, i'm having a mindblock and too tired to think straight so, how do you setup custom nameservers properly?

For example:

Existing server setup:

Server hostname: server1.domaina.com

ns1.domaina.com / 123.456.7.890
ns2.domaina.com / 123.456.7.891

At present any domains use the above nameservers but i now have another domain which i wish to have it's own nameservers using the 2 above IP Address's. (sharing nameservers ip's) So in addition to the above nameservers i would also be able to use:

ns1.domainb.com / 123.456.7.890
ns2.domainb.com / 123.456.7.891

Any advice is greatly appreciated, Thank you.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You can configure the second set of name servers the same way you configured the first set. Register the name servers at your domain registrar with those IP addresses. Then, add "A" entries for those name servers pointing to those IP addresses via:

"WHM >> DNS Functions >> Edit DNS Zone"

This is all that's required on the cPanel server.

Thank you.