Dec 21, 2013
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I am setting up a new VPS and having a bit of a struggle with the name servers. I've registered them on WHM to reflect a domain I intend to use but I'm not sure about IP addresses. I've got the server IP which I use to log in as root and, during setup, WHM came up with a resolver IP.

When I assign an IP to the name servers, should I use the resolver IP or the server IP? I've got just ONE of each, yet two name servers are required, and the WHM documentation says you need to IPs, is it possible to run both off one IP?

I've read the documentation regarding registering name servers with your registrar prior to assigning the name servers for a domain to point to, however, there are no instructions for this one: - Link Removed -.

Any ideas much appreciated.


Dec 20, 2013
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Your resolvers are just your server's primary and secondary DNS IP's (used to look up domains not on your server). Nothing to do with nameservers. I think a lot of people just use Google's public DNS servers ( and These are what I use on my VPS for 'resolvers'.

To register your nameservers, log into your domain registrar (where you actually registered your domain) and select your domain to edit. Most registrars will have a setting for your domain labeled 'Register Nameservers' or 'Create Nameservers'. If you see something like that, click it and create 2 new nameservers (like and, or whatever you want to call ns1 and ns2) and enter the IP you were given for your VPS. **Not all registrars allow you to create nameservers, or so I've read, but I've never seen one that doesn't allow it.

With a single IP on your VPS, yes, you can assign both of your nameservers to it, no problem. You can also assign an A record for your hostname ( to that same IP.

Just starting off, this is the easiest setup to get you going. Later on, after the 'new' and 'scared to mess up' wear off, it would be wise to use at least one external nameserver that will replicate your master zone. That is a whole new ball of yarn that I wouldn't worry about just yet.

Pardon me if I am not clear, I am a little sleepy - too much reading this forum trying to find answers to my own problems :eek:


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You should not be using the same IP addresses for your resolvers that you use for your name server IP addresses. Typically, you will configure your resolvers with the IP addresses that your data center provides, or with public resolvers such as:

In addition to the information in the previous post, it's important to keep in mind that the functionality of the "Nameserver IPs" page is for visual purposes only. It is a report, and not a page meant to configure any aspect of DNS. It reports the nameservers used by DNS zones on the server, as well as a count of the the number of zones that use a given nameserver. The important entries on the cPanel server are the "A" records that you have added for your name servers. Thus, as long as you have registered these name servers to the matching IP addresses at the domain registrar, then no further DNS configuration is required after adding your "A' records in WHM. The "Nameserver IPs" page can include cached data, so you can safely ignore any mentions of "No IP" on that page as it may take some time before it updates.

Thank you.