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Setting up NameServer with WHM

Discussion in 'Bind/DNS/Nameserver' started by Cecilia, Apr 17, 2004.

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    Apr 17, 2004
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    Thought everyone can benefit this thread. I did. It shows you how to set up your nameserver. Took from this thread:

    Here is a how-to that seems to be correct. I can't take any credit, that belongs to HostUSA.Biz

    HOW-TO : Setting up Nameservers in cpanel.

    Seems like there are a lot of request for a HOW-To for Nameserver setup. I have compiled this from a couple different sources.

    Special Notes:
    Some version of WHM/CPanel come with broken NDC. To fix this:

    SSH into your box as root.

    (a) Type: cd /scripts
    (b) Type: ./updatenow
    (c) Type: ./fixndc
    (d) Type: service named stop
    (e) Type: service named start


    1. Setup Nameservers In WHM
    Go into WHM (Web Host Manager) and select Edit Setup from the Server Setup menu on the left. Enter in the Primary Nameserver field. Hit 'Assign IP Address' (write the IP down or remember it for the next step). Then hit 'Add an A Entry for this nameserver'.

    Repeat this process for the Secondary Nameserver field.

    2. Register Nameservers
    Go to your domain registrar and register ( and ( as nameservers. being the primary nameserver IP from step 1 and being the secondary.

    These registrations may take a few days to propagate (often as many as 3 days).

    3. Reverse DNS
    You may need Burstnet to enter a reverse DNS pointer (PTR Record) for your nameservers. You'll need to let them know each nameserver and its IP address. Sometimes you can suffer non-delivery of mail if you don't so this. Reverse DNS pointers can take a while to propagate. Send an email to with the following...

    From: <Your Address>
    Subject: PTR Request

    Please create the following PTR records. - (Main Server IP) - (This of course being your info) -

    4. Tidy Up Junk Nameservers
    Go into WHM (Web Host Manager) and select Manage Nameserver IPs from the Server Setup menu on the left. Remove any nameservers you don't recognise. This is just a tidy up exercise in case anyone's set anything up on the box before you.

    5. Initial Nameserver Setup
    Go into WHM (Web Host Manager) and select Initial NameServer Setup from the Server Setup menu on the left.

    6. Restart BIND
    Restart BIND from SSH with (step 5 restarts BIND, but sometimes needs a proper stop and start for it to work):

    service named stop
    service named start

    7. Manual Checks
    This process doesn't always work, so there are some things you can check manually via SSH.

    pico /etc/wwwacct.conf
    Check that the nameservers are correctly specified on NS1, NS2 etc.

    pico /etc/resolv.conf
    Check that there are nameserver entries for each IP. There may also be one for - this is okay.

    Should read as follows:


    Where '' is the main domain of my server, and '' and '' are the IP addresses of my primary and secondary nameservers.

    pico /etc/nameserverips
    Check that there are entries for each IP acting as a nameserver.
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