Setting Up New cPanel Server Question About DNS


Aug 5, 2019
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Hello my friends,

In new on cpannel and i need your help if any one can.

The situation is like this, we have a cpanel server on my company with 2 dedicate name servers, and we have 15 clients that have hosting and mail there.

My boss what me to create a new cpannel server for a new customer (an important one).

now i know how to install the server, but i dont know should i create another dns server or i can use the one that i have for the other cpannel?

The client is going to host there 3 domains and for each domain is going to have a mail mail hosting and web hosting.

can some one help me with the right way to start the instalation and configuration.

Thank you in advance


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Apr 11, 2011
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create a new cpannel server for a new customer (an important one).
Hello @ALBGeri,

First, check out the following document for general information about setting up name servers:

Regarding the second cPanel & WHM server, I recommend creating separate name servers for it rather than setting up a DNS cluster between the two servers if you desire complete isolation from the existing server.

Thank you.