Setting up server with primary drive as SSD and secondary drive as HHD


Oct 3, 2006
We're currently on a server that just uses 1 HHD drive. It's currently cPanel based.

I want to set up a new server such that the operating system and databases are on the SSD and the websites are on the HHD. (We rsync off site for backup.)

However, some of the operations/functionality for the websites are IOPS and disk speed bound. Is it possible to have symbolic links to folders on the SSD that can be accessed by sites on the HHD.

For example, if /home is on the SSD and /home2 is the HHD and sites are served from /home2, is it possible for a PHP process to access files and folders on the SSD if they are symbolically linked with the correct permissions, etc.



Will the above work as I hope?

We use the server for our own sites and do not resell. It hosts 2 primary sites plus some ancillary ones. As a result, we can operate as root and customize as need be since we're really only setting up 2 sites to run as we want them to. (As opposed to acting as a reseller where you might want everything to work through the panel)