Setting up subresellers in master resellers panel


Jul 13, 2007
:confused: How do I create a subresellers account I have tried to do it 2 times but the domain in which I have it setup for does not show in the subresellers whm console.. Also when I do ad the domain into the subresellers account it then ads a domain into my master resellers account ?? Then when I delete the added domain from my master whm panel it deleted the subresellers domain from within the listed accounts.

But we can still reach both cpanel and whm panels for the subresellers accounts via the domain it was setup under, before deleting the ad on domain from within the master reseller panel the only thing seen by typing in the subreseller domain was the apache success page.. which is what we still see even though the domain is not listed in the subresellers accounts ???

And again we can indeed login to both the whm and cpanel to the above domain...


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Nov 29, 2006
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Subresellers are not natively supported by cPanel/WHM. Are you by chance referring to a root-level Reseller as a "Reseller" and a Reseller as a "Subreseller?"

If you are using third party software to add subreseller functionality, you should probably address this issue directly with them.