Setup new Cpanel/WHM and having File/Folders Permissions issues on wordpress and other CMS Websites

Ahtsham Jutt

Mar 25, 2013
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
Hello Guys
I am new to here. Facing a really weird issue.
I have setup a new Cpanel/WHM Based Web Server. My current PHP handler is SuPHP and Apache suEXEC is also enabled.
But almost all my wordpress/joomla or other CMS Based websites are having Permissions errors. Even if i create a new Wordpress website, it also gives File Permissions issues on uploading new content, plugin etc.
Each and every time i have to set 777 File Permissions to the folders, but it is not a sufficient way. In process manager, there are a lot of "Nobody" Users, they never been before, just popped up after new server setup. What could be the issue? What i am missing or where i went wrong. If anyone can shed some lights on this?
I will highly appreciate your help.