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Dec 4, 2004

I have a dedicated server with Cent OS 4.x and CPanel/WHM. Now yesterday night the mail server started behaving ubnormally. I tried ti send a email but the outlook express kept on popping up with user/pass box.

So i asked server team to check ...after few minutes the mail server went wacko and i was unable to connect to smtp server at all. So now situation was that i can't send emails at all. Then i tried to send a test email from my gmail account to my server account and it bounced back.

Though i was able to check email but i was not getting anything at all becuase server was bouncing all emails back to senders. So at that point i came to know that there was some major issue with mail server.

Then i raised this issue with server team and they are unable to fix it till now. ANyways in morning i checked my server and it was too slow. I tried to login into root WHM and it was also very slow and did'nt loaded up properly. After few minutes the 3rd party monitoring emails started coming saying that server went down. I asked the server team and they said that server usage went over 105% and needs a hard reboot..which i did and it came back to normal...but still everything except mail is working.

I am and all other clients are still unable to send/receive emails. Can anyone tell me what seems to be the problem ?



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Feb 25, 2005
Try these >>

If les in installed

chattr -i /var/lib/rpm/*
/scripts/upcp --force