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Jan 31, 2010

Few issues regarding being updated by cPanel of new info:

1. Please add a way to be informed that a new Linux kernel update is available, so we will know about it and can go to WHM and update our installation. This is mostly important when the update is security related. Possibly add it to the current news email list and RSS or add a security own update channel

2. For some reason you have this active RSS feed - https://news.cpanel.com/comments/feed/ , which I guess is not really needed or in use, so you may consider to remove it or block access to it. It is also linked to from the root of this site's code.

3. The preferences of the cPanel, as a vendor site, mailing list - when creating it, at Mailing List, you can select topics but when updating it, from the link "Manage your preferences" in the incoming update email, which leads to a link like https://app.e2ma.net/app2/audience/signup/number/number/number/number/?s=some-string - the form loaded does not let you enable or disable these topics. Please add the option to really manage the topics we are subscribed to, while we are subscribers.

4. Also, after creating a new subscription - the first email we get, with a subject of "Confirming changes to your subscription to the cPanel email list" - the first link is of "http" which eventually in the browser redirects to "https", but it will be better if it will be "https" at the email level

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