SFTP Error occured trying to open local file


Nov 8, 2019
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I am setting up a new VPS and making the security as strong as possible because I was recently hacked on my last server.
I have had priblems setting up SFTP all day.
At first I had issues with uploaded files being 664 and folders 775 when uploaded and i fixed that by changing the umask values to 022 in bashc and profile files.
Now the files and folders have the correct permissions when uploaded 644 and 755.
I can download and empty folder fine with SFTP, but when I try to download a php file or any other regular file. I get the error Error occured trying to open local file.
There are no errors created in the cpanel error log file. I checked the status of all the directories and folders in the path to the file they are alll 755 and the file 644 and the file owner is the same as the cpanel account and the same user I am logged into SFTP with.
I am running CSF but it reported nothing.
I can download the files when logged in as root but can not when logged in as a cpanel user,
I am confused :( Any ideas?

Ok my bad I solved it. My corefyp client settings were not set to use fulll PUTTY compatiable SFTP
I apolodize :)
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