Shared Hosting To Dedicated Creates Script Problem


Aug 6, 2007
I went from a shared server to a dedicated unmanaged server. I had the host move my tube sites and set them up. My script worked perfectly on a shared server, but on my dedicated server I had a problem.
The script I have is AVS (adultvideoscript). It has a module that allows you in the admin area, to pull videos (server to server) from large video sites to my server. The original server I was on would pull the video to my site and when the transfer was complete I would be able to start another pull while the 1st video was being converted by the scrpt to be posted.
With the new server, the script pulls a video but doesn't allow me to pull another video until the script has completed converting the video. Plus while the video is converting, it will start pulling the same video again. The only thing thats different is the server itself. I have checked the script and its perfect. The only thing I can think of is a setting in the WHM is not correct.

Any help with this wouuld be greatly appreciated!



Jun 24, 2005
Your script may have a prerequisite library or piece of software that is missing from the new server.