Shared MySQL databases and php files for several CPanel accounts


Sep 13, 2007

My client is moving his sites from one host (VDS) to another (CPanel based). The problem is that all sites (5+) use (a) two shared mySQL databases (b) common include files.

And I don't have an idea what's the best way to move such a structure on CPanel. Is there any posibilities to have shared files/DBs for different CPanel accounts? Or maybe there is some better solution.

Thank you!


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Jul 13, 2004
The "sharing" of a database is a function of the application(s) that is/are accessing the data - each ap will need the new path/login/db info for the new server.

Don't confuse what an "account" does with what goes on outside of Cpanel/WHM.

With a correct configuration string, any Web site can have access to any MySQL database on any server (ok - oversimplified a bit, but basically true).

We've done the same thing before, too - it just requires a bit of planning and forethought - and it can be done.

AS for the includes, i'd need some more info as to exactly what they are. Includes can be called from anywhere - take a look at how they are being called, now, and test that method on the new server.

Best advise is to do all this testing/config'ing well ahead of time. Heard too many times of domain transfers from hell that were a result of poor planning/testing.