Shared SSL Cert and godaddy server problem


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Dec 10, 2006

I transferred servers at godaddy last month. Then I spent a frustrating day trying to rekey my shared SSL Cert to the new server. Finally got it to work. The browser sohow the prober Cert and the signing authority (Starfield). This was on 27Jan. then on 1 Feb. I saw that the cert had reverted to self-signed. Queries to the ever helpful godaddy people produced a statement that no domain existed for the Cert. On the old server i had it set up to work on, which was the server's name. Since the transfer the new server is called and the first successful attempt to set it up was on that domain, which has the server A record pointing to it. So I tried to setup a sub domain for the CERT, no go, as WHM will not setup a new sub-domain that matches the server name. Since all of my customers that use this Cert, are counting on it being on Barakael, I need to keep it there. I have included dirs of the /etc/cert tree and the named database as well as the httpd.conf SSL definitions

Ok: What do I do here?
Any Ideas would be more than welcome