[Sharing] Exim Failed, Lack of Memory Indication


Aug 17, 2010
Hi Guys,

Want to shares this info for newbie like me. I'm manage Cpanel around 1 year with dedicated server Xeon 3220 with 2Gb mem and account currently around 125 client. Never have this problem before.

Few months ago, I have my exim start failed (1-2 times) at 3-5am(backup/logwatch time) every few days.

Some tech said is fine if service failed like that. So I have nothing worry with this.

And Last 2 month , exim start failing on 9-12am (peak hour) for 1-4 times everyday. And I start to open ticket to cpanel's support.

Exim failed has no produce error message, it's just hang. and caught by tcp service check. Support also confuse for this problem, they elevate into tech specialist 2 ,try to reinstall exim/perl but still failing.

This make headache because, have to monitoring at peak hours and client start complaining cannot send email. clicking restart exim when exim start hang. If rely on cpanel tcp check, it takes 5 minutes to detect, it's too long for client.

I ever ask to them, is need to upgrade memory or cpu? they said the hardware is fine.

Then I initiate to migrate from spamassassin to assp (assp deluxe), that need low resources than spamassassin. It works! , reduce exim failing at peak hour but... still failed when high load (backup/logwatch time).

I initiate upgrade Memory from 2Gb to 4Gb. and... problem is never exist anymore :)

So if you have similar problem like me, upgrade the memory is considerable.