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Oct 28, 2003
Hi everyone. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I now see that it has happened on two accounts. I created the accounts via WHM and checked the "Shell Access" box on account creation. After creating, I notice that they have /bin/sh as their shell instead of bash. In the "Manage Shell Access" screen, the only options are to "Disable" or "Enable Jailed Shell". If I click "Enable Jailed Shell", it will enable the jailshell but the WHM screen stays the same showing /bin/sh with the only options still being "Disable" or "Enable Jailed Shell".

I've even deleted one of the accounts and re-created several times trying to fix another problem with reseller permissions, but re-creating without the "Shell Access" box checked and then trying to assign after doesn't help either, as it still shows /bin/sh as the shell and still only gives me "Disable" and "Enable Jailed Shell". I've fully refreshed the page as well to make sure it wasn't my browser showing a cached page with the wrong information or something.

How can I fix this and be able to assign "Normal Shell" to these accounts? Can I use FreeBSD's `chsh` command to assign bash, or will that mess something up in cPanel/WHM?

Thanks in advance.



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Feb 20, 2005
Not sure what's going on with WHM there, but yes, the chsh command works fine.