Nov 15, 2012
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cpanel 11.34.0 (build 9)

Please excuse me for being very new to cpanel (well any hosting things)

If I have a folder in public_html named for example folder, and in that folder I have a number
of files with various extensions including php, txt, dat etc...

If I set the permissions to any of these to only user, read and write. Groups and World are unticked
as are all execute fields.

Should those files be visible if navigated to via a browser

Because they are and I'm rather worried about it, I checked once when I first got host
and the page just said I never had permission.

I'd appreciate any advice a more experienced person might be so kind as to offer.

Thank you for reading.

the file permissions are set to 600
I have now tried changing permission also via ftp, still no luck
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