Aug 24, 2006
I have the most un-responsive host in history (he sets up the accounts then leaves them to rot, he even stopped taking payment months ago, but he owns my domain so I can't leave), so I decided to see if any of you could help.

A week ago I updated my website, and everything was fine. Then a few days ago I noticed that sometimes if I didn't include www. in the domain, the holding page that had been long deleted would show. Then today, it's showing that with or without www., and all my files are seemingly gone.

However: If I log into FTP, all the files are there.

Anyone got any ideas?


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Feb 18, 2003
It sounds like your host has some DNS issues on hand. I think there is little you can do from your position. Try viewing by your sites IP address to see if your files are visible on the web, if you see your files it may be a DNS issue.

You will have to contact your host and see if he will transfer the domain back to you. If your pruchased the domain from your host it is should be owned by you. Check your hosts TOS/AUP to see the domain transfer/Ownership policy.

This issues can only be resovled by your host. Try clearing your browsers cache if you have not already. The most obvious task is to find a new host in the meantime.