Sick of the AOL email forwarding problem? Try this add-on.


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Dec 20, 2003
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I am going to give this script a shot to let me see how many AOL Forwarders I currently have, but, I have not been having any real issues with AOL at this time.

Presently my company has a Feedback Loop with AOL that I signed up for on their postmater page.

I am guessing that this may have helped due to the fact that I had some major issue at one point from someone spoofing me or using my server due to the fact that it is an open relay.

Some of my customers do use the forwarding and I see these, I have asked them not to mark them as spam if that review the to address and see it as [email protected] rather than [email protected].

Spam Stinks! :mad:


May 21, 2010
AOL has complicated the matter slightly more - Guilt by Association

We were just blocked.
It was NOT because [REPORT SPAM] was clicked on a message FORWARDED from our servers,
but instead because a message that was forwarded had THE CONTENT of a message that CONTAINED the TEXT of a domain name that is on their blacklist.

AOL postmaster support agreed that we were not sending the spam; they also agreed that no complaints arose from messages FORWARDED from our servers. It was just the fact that some forwarded messages contained domain name text matches that had been REPORT SPAM reported via other emails unrelated to us.

Guilt by association.