Simple question regarding reseller accounts...


Jan 19, 2005
I need to setup a reseller account for a customer on my cpanel dedicated server. I've never done this before, excuse the stupid question just making sure I do this right.

Right now his regular hosting account has a 8GB transfer with 500MB disk space. I want to give him reseller privileges so that he can host 10 domains under this package. The reason I'm not giving him addon domains is because he wants a seperate control panel for each domain. So I turned his regular account into a resller account instead.

I only want him to be able to host 10 websites so I specified a 10 domain limit to his reseller account and selected what features he's allowed to use. Is that all I need to do? So when he adds his extra domains in his WHM all the domains will automatically share the 8GB transfer and 500MB disk space limit right? Or do I have to specify that somewhere? I do *not* want each domain to have 8GB tranfser and 500MB disk space... all domains combined must share that one limit.

And what would be the URL to his WHM? I created a test resller account but don't know how to find out the WHT URL so I can login and check it out...

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