simple rkhunter 1.3.0 question


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Mar 13, 2004
rkhunter 1.3.0 was complaining about mismatching checksums on a few of the binaries in /user/bin, such as:

/usr/bin/top [ Warning ]

I have had this server checked very thoroughly for any sign of a hack, and none is apparent. (Also ckrootkit does not agree that these few binaries have been tweeked.)

So now, just in case, I would like to replace the few binaries in question, i.e. bring them over from other servers where rkhunter does not complain. But I need to know the following:

Question - How can I regenerate the check sums, or reset rkhunter for these fresh binaries, so that rkhunter no longer complains about them?

Any help would be very greatly appreciated!!!