Since the update to 11.36, Bayes fails


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Jul 28, 2003
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Since running the update to 11.36, I have been less than impressed with the new build of Spamassassin.
I understand that you stepped away from the rpm build and to the perl build, and that's great... but since the change, my Bayes scanning has been non-existent.
I spent a long time training Bayes to catch spam and let real email through... now spamassassin won't even recognize the database (spam scores no longer even mention Bayes).
Is there a step-by-step somewhere on how to migrate all my formerly-working spamassassin settings over to this new version? sa-learn no longer works (or any sa-learn command), spamassassin --lint no longer works... how do I access these commands again?

-bash: spamassassin: command not found
-bash: sa-learn: command not found

My prior database output:
Number of Spam Messages: 36,130
Number of Ham Messages: 546,481
Number of Tokens: 187,040