Oct 7, 2014
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I have a MDS and my server crashes 2-4 times every day or so. My host said the following:

"Our log monitoring caught, on every occasion, a RAID card failure. To address this point we took the original RAID card (fully updated BIOS) and replaced it with a factory-stock RAID card. The exact same errors persisted following the swap. This lead to further investigation about the storage input and output statistics -- where we found that your server's writes per second were exceptionally high. To give you some perspective, it's spiking to about 50% of what one of our shared servers do with far more clients and traffic. It's notable that we're using a higher end card on our shared servers (same as in MDS quote below) with far more drives to spread the IO load.

The underlying issue here seems to be one of your client's site software (Joomla and/or SQL). It could be something that seems innocent, like user tracking, that causes a heavy write load. There could also be factors that compound the situation, like bot traffic that take an already bad situation and make it worse. That said, a good starting point would be to review your sites individually for write-heavy applications such as: live chat scripts, user tracking scripts, misconfigured caching, self-spidering software. Those are just some examples of what to look for."

How do I narrow it down to find the site causing the issues? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The following thread is a good place to start:

Troubleshooting High Loads On Linux Systems

Some of the advice that's intended to help determine the cause of a high load would also help for situations like the one you have described.

Thank you.