Site moved, dns set, but still looking at old host


Feb 27, 2011
I had a site moved.

The dns servers where changed last week to the new host.
Today, while trying to figure out a wordpress issue, I went to the old host and change the folder name where the site resided Then the whole site was DOWN.

So I went into WHM, DNS Actions and modified the dns in that area for this site. They still had the old host dns settings there.

So.... since this is a reseller account, I checked the settings on the other domains, and noted that they had dns records of ns1.maindomainname and ns2maindomainname (Maindomainname is the domain I registerd with on the new host). The DNS on the domain manager site is nd1.someotherdns which is what my new host provided.

Trying to understand what needs to be changed. Now, dns's are right, but within WHM, it was wrong and still pointing to old host.


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Jan 22, 2011
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You need to set the DNS of new host in the WHM and also need to change it in the registrar end, If the issue persists do post your domain so that some one can check whether the dns is correct or not.