Site Redirecting to Root Domain after Converting Addon Domain to Account

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CentOS 7.8
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Oct 16, 2020
United States
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I was moving an addon domain to its own separate account using the WHM > Transfers > Convert Addon Domain to Account tool, and now that domain is just redirecting to the server's root domain. The addon domain ( used to be in the main cPanel account xjose, which had the domain as the main domain. Now after I converted, it created a railrateadvisors account but the domain now just redirects to was running a WordPress site prior to the conversion.

I also noticed that my xjose account lists the proper server IP in the cPanel dashboard but the railrateadvisors account shows an entirely different IP.



Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Root Administrator
Hey there! Since you included the domain names in your post I was able to test this on my end. I see that both sites are going to completely different content when I checked just now. You may need to clear your local cache to ensure you are getting the latest data from the system but I'm not able to reproduce the issue as you originally described on my end just now.