Sites hacked, need advice on recreating reseller account


Mar 2, 2012
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My reseller account recently got hacked (cheers guys :D) many of the joomla sites on the account were accessesd and passwords changed, I am assuming all sites compromised beyond my knowledge and must start again. I am looking for advice for the safest and best way to do this without having to wipe all out and start again. I know I must delete at some point but I want to do this with minumum downtime over a period of weeks. Is it best to get a whole new acount and create new sites then change nameservers or is it best to reuse same accout, if so I cant figure out how to build a new version of the site when the hacked version is still live?

Any help much appreciated, thank you


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May 20, 2003
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If the account is hacked it should be taken offline. You can go thru a backup of it for your theme, images etc, stuff you can salvage. (make sure the timthumb script is not in that theme)

If the server has been compromised, same goes there. It should be taken offline. If you're not sure how secure the server is there really is no other way to know if its safe or not without a proper security expert looking at it for you.

You can find several options here for that if you're interested:
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