Skinning assistance -- changing mouseovers

Sep 7, 2007
As you all know there's a wide variety of mouseovers in the new x3 skin. While they're great for a large majority of users, quite frankly they don't work for me & mine.

I'm looking into changing the mouseovers to dropdowns which should be relatively easy, given that the 'form' on the pop page, ftp accounts page and others already seems to be a form -- just "skinned" to have the mouseover effect.

Here's what I'm referencing:

There's an example of the code there for the 'mouseover' for the e-mail account page, now I was in fact able to get it to a form dropdown by removing the div class (expbox -- which stands for expanding box, I suppose) and the img references. The problem however is I was left (at least in the case of the FTP dropdown) with some 'leftover' code in each of the form entries.

Rather than it saying 'Remove account' it would say things like '%> remove". I suspect it was a result of my own doing and with some tweaking could be sorted. My question is, does anyone else have this already done or is there a way I can wield another css file (that exists) to reduce the usage of mouseovers in the x3 theme?

Quite frankly, it's unusable and creates tonnes of lag. Any thoughts? :)


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Yes, be careful when removing HTML code within API2 function calls (which it is, look at the telltale sign of []s being used instead of ><s). If you remove a %, the references are thrown off. It sounds complicated, but it isn't. I recommend learning a bit more about API2 syntax so you can more readily debug the code.

I have a crash course for this in the slides from my Customizing cPanel presentation at last year's conference. You can find these slides at:

The API2 guide begins on slide 23.