Nov 10, 2004
I've deleted ALL other themes besides the theme that I created using x3 as the basis for. Turned of all the styles except for the root theme which I then modified to show my graphics, etc.

Clients are STILL able to chose from the deactivated styles in the theme set I use. In fact, in cPanel when logged in, I have a theme dropdown that shows my theme AND x3 which was deleted!

Holy - what a complete mess! This needs serious attention - immediately. Branding is a HUGE part of hosting and not being able to do it PROPERLY is a real drag.


Sep 6, 2007
I agree whole heartedly

One of the main reasons we chose cPanel over alternative control panels was customization.

From the cPanel.net website:
"Key Features include: * Fully Brandable!"

This is a main feature and should be fully supported. We need the theme features fully documented, reliable and easy to deploy. Right now detailed information on these features is hard to find and understand. :confused:

What gives?



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Mar 27, 2006
Los Angeles, CA
Theme drop down is for resellers account, not users account. Sounds like some understanding of how to use the system is needed.
Yes, quite.


Nov 10, 2004
Thank you for nothing and wasting mine and many others' time, but personally, I am quite familiar with cPanel!

I fully understand that if I login as root or reseller, I "should" see a dropdown. However, my frustration is that there SHOULDN'T BE a dropdown - I deleted all other themes - x3, x3mail, x, x2, x2mail - leaving my sole HH theme. And yes, I did make sure that there are no accounts set to use x3 or any of the other themes - as that would keep the theme alive... The x3 theme still shows in the dropdown and if you chose it, it screws cPanel up completely because cPanel then gives an error page as the files cannot be found afterwards (since the x3 theme was deleted) and then, you have to reset the site's package and theme allocation through WHM!

If a client logins into their cPanel, they can still change the style of cPanel via the Change Style area because the other styles are still mysteriously active: black_ice, tealmadness, etc. - even though in the sole remaining theme that is active, HH - my styled one in which I changed the header and background images to match my site, all other themes, beside the restyled root style, are ALL deactivated.

Can anyone else provide insight??


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May 20, 2003
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I just "cloned" the x3 theme and gave it a new name. Then I went to Feature manager and disabled Change Look and Feel Then modified 1 users account to use that newly cloned theme, and then logged in as that user and there is the new theme. Same as the one I cloned as I didn't bother actually modifying it but the theme works fine with new name at: https://domain.com:2083/frontend/newname/index.html

The icon to "Change Style" is gone, the new theme works. If I try and navigate to;

https://domain.com:2083/frontend/x3/index.html it does not work.

A boring page comes up stating:

Not Found
The server was not able to find the document (./frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/frontend/x3/index.html) you requested.
Please check the url and try again. You might also want to report this 
error to your webhost.
Which does appear to be an issue of some sort, but can be avoided.

So as far as I can tell, the system works as expected.

Sorry can't help more than that, as you surely understand it better than I. I don't have these other custom themes black_ice, tealmadness that you do either.

Note: I did not attempt this on a reseller account, just a simple user account. You stated client, not reseller. So that's where I tested.

As for wasting someones time, sorry about that. This thread seems to be a waste of "my" time, so I'll avoid it and let you sort it out with the help of others.

best of luck...


Nov 10, 2004
I've got this working...

The issue was that I was "properly" setting the root users' theme - which is how I login to WHM, as root. When people sign-up, my ClientExec is using root to interact with WHM on the servers to install sites - regular and reseller and then after receiving the sign-up notification, I login as root and manually change the ownership of the site to my own Reseller Account. Resellers are set to own their own site.

So, what I had to do, was login to my own Reseller, non-root, account and make the theme changes I wanted, there. This worked for all of my non-Reseller accounts. Reseller accounts, on my servers, due to owning their own site, do not take on my theme set for reseller packages - because their own brand editing functionality takes precedence.

I did figure out the Feature Manager after posting my last message but I'm glad you mentioned it as it will help others who are having similar issues with turning off the ability to change styles.

Thanks for looking!