Jan 26, 2004
Bay Area, CA
Any DNS Zone required for smarthost configuration

The Smarthost issue has been well documented in the forums and is pretty straight forward as presented, but I was wondering if adding a DNS zone for the domain mail to be routed is required.

I will expand:

I have a situation where my DC offers me a mail spam/virus filter solution as long as the returned and sanitized mail is delivered back to my server, for any domain I host.

A customer of mine does not have a domain on my servers and his authoritative DNS records are at his current host location.

He would like me to avail of my mail and virus filter service (aka DC service) and return the sanitized mail to his Exchange server.

Assuming I have him change is MX to my DC filtering service and it is returned directly to my server.

Q. Is just adding the staticroutes file under /etc and adding the above mentioned code in the Exim configurating file under the 'ROUTERS CONFIGURATION' section, all that is required.

Thank you