Smartrouters & Mailscanner


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Jan 28, 2005
This one is probably best left to chirpy as its his MSFE that i am asking questions about, but I'm posting it here anyway to see if anyone else has an answer....

I have mailscanner up and running (Paid configserver to do it), since this was installed I implemented smartrouters (Thanks to an article posted here by projectandrew) so basically mail is scanned and then pushed onto users exchange servers which is all working very well.

I have had a query from a customer regarding the delivery of spam tagged mails, the customer does not want the spam rejected, instead has it tagged, they have been into cpanel and used chirpys MSFE which allows you to set an alternate delivery address for infected mails (defaults to [email protected]) but because of the smartrouters this option is redundant, I have done some research into moving it to a mail enabled public folder on the exchange server, which unfortunatly is unable to filter mails with certain words in the subject, the solution recommended is to write a custom event sink for exchange to move the mail, I am perfectly capable of doing this but its something else to support and therefore would really like to avoid having to do it.

My question is: where does the e-mail's recipient address get changed during delivery? as I'm hoping by some careful re-ordering of routers in my exim config I can allow this re-write to happen before the smartrouter pushes the mail out, that way I can configure mail-enabled public folders on the exchange server to recieve the mail cutting out the addition of an event sink.

hopefully someone has come across this before...



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Jun 15, 2002
Go on, have a guess
Not tried it myself. It should be possible in the smartrouter somehow, but it would need some indepth research over at - sorry that I cannot be of any help :(