SMTP connection form local host being refused


Jan 11, 2006
Hi all, first time I've posted here. Hope someone can help.

We have a cpanel box, upon which one of our sites sits. One of the functions of this site is to register new uers, then to send them an email with a link to confirm their registrations.

This has suddenly stopped working. We're not sure exacly when since the site is still in alpha and we weren't actually using it IYSWIM.

Connections from remote users to the smtp serive are fine. All my email and all the mail for all other domains on the server get through.

If we ssh in as a user, then su to root, we can telnet to either or the registered IP address on port 25 and we get an answer from Exim. (Same thing happens if we do it from a remote host)

'Normal' users though cannot connect to exim from the local host. netstat -a shows that smtp serive is running and listneing, but telnetting to either local host or the registered IP address as a 'normal' user on port 25 gives:

telnet: connect to address Connection refused

So we're a bit stumped. It's probably something really obvious, bu we can't see it. It's especially weird since we have not changed any configuration for weeks.

TIA for any suggestions



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Mar 30, 2006
seems to be there are some block on your server side. Have you tried checking /var/log/exim_mainlog and /var/log/exim_rejectlog ?