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Mar 11, 2006
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I need to setup forwarding of a copy of all outbound smtp emails from clients domain (setup on CentOS/cPanel) to their backup gmail / pop account...

Please suggest how this can be done...:confused:


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Mar 25, 2005
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I know this sounds like a cop-out answer, but that responsibility really rests on your customer. If they want a copy of everything that they send out sent to another one of their email accounts they can simply put their address in the CC: field or better yet, the BCC: field of their emails. I just do not see how this type of forwarding is the hosts responsibility.

I would also discourage any kind of scripted or automated forwarding (aliasing) to ANY of the free mail services, such as AOL, gMail, Hotmail, and Yahoo. All it takes is one piece of spam to slip through forwarded form your server to their account your server stands to be listed as a spammer. What happens (and I have seen this too many times) is that spam is inadvertently forwarded to their freemail account, the user then checks their freemail account and sees spam. It is very easy to hit the "SPAM" button that all these services now use and once that button is hit, you become a spammer.

Sorry if I did not directly answer your question.
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Jan 2, 2004
Many hosts can provide this as an extra service because it does take a little bit of work to set up on the front side, but once done requires NO extra work on the part of the sender. To suggest it's their responsibility to do that manually every time is a bit annoying... sort of like saying "filter your own damn spam... just hit the delete button!"

For instance, I have a client that is a law office. They have a system setup to copy ALL incoming and outgoing mail to another location that they do not have direct access to for archive purposes. Because they can't access it, it puts a layer of security on the archive helping alleviate the problem of somebody accusing them of deleting email.

Now then, to answer your question :)

One of the simplest ways to do this is to install MailScanner. (If you want it done right, and cheap, have Chirpy do it... look for his ads in the 'ads and offers' section) MailScanner can do this type of filtering/copying on a domain basis, email account basis, etc. and send it to a directory, another email address, etc.