So who is taking over from the late David Grega for feature requests?


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Jul 3, 2008
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Firsly want to say I'm saddened by the news of David's passing. Even though I've only spoke to him on the forum, it's very shocking and my thoughts are with his family.

David put a lot of effort into the feature requests on the forum and his efforts might never be matched. However, I was wondering if Cpanel has any replacement in mind to take care of people's feature requests and provide updates.

It'd be a shame if David's hard work that he left behind was left unattended.




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Oct 4, 2007
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David and I worked closely on the transition of what was the process for handling feature requests in the past to what it is today. This was something that consumed a great deal of Dave's time and resources to handle on a daily basis. Our teams have been actively meeting on how we will continue to deliver the momentum that David and the others involved had on this project.

We are still actively working on this as it is a major project that we are looking to bring betterment of processes to it & keeping that personal touch that David had on it throughout. Your right Gareth it will be very hard to match however with the fundamentals that David and team put into the project it will help it grow into becoming better for the community.

During this phase we appreciate all your patience and understanding while we work through this for the cPanel community. If there is anything in specific you had ongoing with David please feel free to contact me directly.



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Apr 24, 2002
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cPanel has a new Feature Request system at We invite you all to get involved and create, comment, up vote and down vote new features you think should be in cPanel & WHM.

Please get involved and work with us to make cPanel & WHM a better product!