SOA Serial Numbers of Out Sync on cPanel DNS Only


Nov 17, 2015
Pittsburgh, PA
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We are trying to figure out how correct the SOA serial numbers which are out of sync on our cPanel DNS only. 2015090706 2015090719

Since we cannot edit DNS records via WHM inside of cPanel DNS Only (since you can only do that during the initial setup, right?), how can we edit this?

We have a primary VPS with WiredTree which has all of our websites on it and we have 2 vps servers running cpanel dns only clustering:

Primary vps with all websites is (VPS with WiredTree)

DNS Cluster using 2 VPSs

I reached out to WiredTree support and they told me the following:

I believe I see the issue. It seems that the SOA serial numbers for your nameservers are out-of-synch which is causing one of the nameservers on your server to ignore updates from the other:

Here's a test I performed from my own workstation:

[email protected] ~ $ dig TXT +short ~all"

How can I edit the SOA records on the cPanel DNS Only cluster so they are back in sync?