Nov 15, 2010
Hello All,

I have two questions to ask for idea from you all as below:

1. My Dedicated server using SATA 3 two Hard Disk. we are using software RAID(mdadm) to manage its. in this week I saw it resync two time already and when it resync. do you have any idea to manage this issue?
2. my server is alway high load every 1 hours to 2hours. when I was check htop or top. It have no problem with CPU at all. But when I check with atop I saw my Hard Disk very busy with process of mysql. due my experience to optimize mysql server is abit small range I would like to ask some idea from you. Please kindly share.

your idea is very important to me.

best regards,

Jeff Shotnik

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Oct 10, 2012
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What type of queries is mysql handling (small queries from a lot of users, or large, abusive queries from a handful of users)? Also, what is your memory usage at? Is mysql constantly having to grab data from swap on the disk?