Solution to Main Email Account being disabled if you change the Default Address


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Apr 23, 2003
The problem is that if you change the Default Address to something other than your main account, all email will be dumped that is being sent to the main account including unrouted email to the specified new Default Address.

I have found a solution, a solution to the problem in which the main email account that is associated with an account on server being broken if you change the Default Address.

Here is the solution.....
Step 1: Look at your login name, the login name that you use to log into CPanel with. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will use the account name "test" and the domain "".

Step 2: Go into the Mail Account area and create a new email address. The new account to be created is "[email protected]".

Step 3: Change the Default Address to say "junk".

Step 4: You will now have to use a full login to access your main email address, ex. "[email protected]".

Step 5: All email not directed to a proper email address will be directed to "junk" but your main email account will still function as intended, but the only thing is, you will have to use a full login name such as "[email protected]" to access the mail in your main email account instead of just "test".

And yes, I have tested it and it does infact work.


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Mar 5, 2002
Vancouver, Canada
I am so glad to see someone else is also having this problem. I was beginning to think it was only me ;)

Trparky, although I appreciate your suggestion, I am not in the mood to repeat this for each hosting account on our servers. Instead I would like to see a fix from cPanel side that either makes things work as before (i.e. main account gets e-mail) or better even, get the main account totally out of the picture.

Since I started using cPanel about two years ago, the main e-mail account has been a headache. I have seen more users complaining about the SPAM being delivered there than users actually using it. These days I experience it as an item listed in each client's cPanel under POP Accounts that has no real value. I'd love to see it's display supressed some way or another. Support Ticket Number: