some email auto forwarded by external email are not received in email in cpanel


Nov 19, 2020
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I have email auto forwarded by external email account and found not all email are received in cpanel.
How to sovle this problem. this issue started about 4th Nov 2020


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Aug 10, 2018
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We would first recommend confirming whether or not the emails have made it to your server as a whole. You could do this using the "exigrep" utility, which we have some information on here:

If the messages have not reached the server as you mentioned, then we would recommend speaking with the manager of the external email host to see if there is any issue with transport from that end.

If the messages are received to your server and do not appear in the email accounts, then we would recommend confirming whether or not there are any mail clients that are connected to your destination address. You can review this using the information here:


Handssler Lopez

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Apr 30, 2019
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I don't know if you only have access to cPanel or if you are an administrator and have access to WHM.

1 - cPanel only saves logs of emails received or sent from the last 10 days

2 - You can check if the emails are even reaching the server or see what happens with them in the following ways. cpanel - home - track delivery there you will see all the mail that goes or has entered in the last 10 days here you will see if they are received on the server or not and if they are being filtered or not.

* if email is being filtered for high spam score add it to white list (@ domain.tdl)

** If the external server is blacklisted here it cannot be done because the RBLs have priority over the Spam filters, the external server must exit.

*** The mail may be being filtered for poor reputation, here it must also have a better reputation even if it helps whitelist.

**** Request information from the external provider also in case the external server is failing to send mail.

tell us how it went and I hope I have helped you