SOME Email Not Getting Delivered. cPanel Issue?


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Jun 28, 2006
I'm not sure this is a cPanel issue, so let me start at the beginning...

I've had a hosting business for about six years now. My last server company was located in New York. It was a shared server and was a Linux server running Apache and cpanel.

For at least the past two or three years I've had clients tell me that not all of the email they sent was getting delivered. There was no bounce notice, so they assumed they were being delivered.

About two months ago I moved to a dedicated server located in Dallas with a similar setup: Linux/Apache/cPanel. One of the reasons I moved was because of these customer complaints.

I had thought this would take care of the email delivery issues, since I was going from a shared server to a dedicated and from a New York backbone to one in Dallas.

Unfortunately for me, the email issue has followed me to my new servers.

So I've been trying to "debug" this by listing the commonalities between the two servers. They are both Linux, both running Apache and both administered using cPanel. The other commonality is they were both running Spamassassin.

Here's what I've done: I've checked to make sure my server is not listed as a spam server, checked my DNS and A records and just recently have disabled Spamassassin server-wide.

Is this a known issue with cPanel? Does anyone have any suggestions for me?



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May 18, 2005
The first place to start with problems of this kind is to look in the exim maillog to find out what it did with the emails that you clients tried to relay through the server. You will need to get your client to send another message and confirm that it was not delivered so that you have a log entry to look at.

You will find the exim mail log here:


In order to look through the file you can either use grep with the following command:

grep emailaddress /var/log/exim_mainlog

or you can examin the file using less i.e.:

less /var/log/exim_mainlog

then hit the / key to search, past the email address in and hit enter. This will search from the start of the file for that email address. If it's not the right one just hit / again and enter and it will find the next one.

Once you find the right entry you will be able to see what exim did with the mail.