Some help on mass creating accounts during a Presentation for our Students


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Dec 16, 2005
South Africa
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Hi All,

I am a lecturer for a small business enterprise development program here in Johannesburg SA. We have our own cPanel servers and I want to be able to assist our classes with free hosting to empower their businesses by having their own professional email and possibly web sites.

I have a class on 40 people and I will be taking them through the steps of checking the domain registration. (CO.ZA) domains through Domain Homepage

I want to be able to assist each user in registering and creating their domain during one of our lab sessions.
The domain registration process can be done through a simple PHP Script which basically replaces a COZA.txt template with the client information.

My problem is basically bulk creating the account. Is there some one who would be able to assist in some way to create a script where our users would be able to instantly create their cPanel account as well as instantly send the email to the domain registrar?

I hope that the above is as clear as possible. Basically I need to create 40 accounts very quickly in a short period of time with possibly user's doing this themselves.