Some questions about Transfering Accounts

Oct 21, 2005
Auburndale, Florida
Ok, I have a few questions about the procedure to sucessfuly transfer accounts:

I currently have a reseller account with about 30 under me, next month, I am
obtaining a dedicated server, my reseller account currently has my own custom
name servers and not the current web hosts nameservers.

What would be the easiest way to transfer mine and the ones under me to the
new server with little or no downtime for my customers?

What would happen to the accounts under me? Would they still be
considered accounts under a reseller (me) or woulld they become
individual accounts.

I'd like a step by step process and if anyone has a website with pictures
drawn (just kidding!) that woulld help alot.

I do/will have full root access under the server but I don't know if I want the
accounts seperate (no longer considered a reseller account) or to keep them as
accounts under me as a reseller.

The server includes cpanel/whm free, although the new company says that there
may be a delay before the license will get activated by them. (12 to 24 hours).

Any comments/suggestions greatly appreciated.

(unfortuantely, I couldn't afford managed ded server, so the company would
charge me per account to move them $50 or so per account) but said I should be
able to do it myself.

Also, what about my current custom nameservers, do I just change the ip address
where I registered my custom name servers at and will that point all customers to
the new server even though in their own domain settings their ip addresses for my
name server points to the current site/company?

Thanks for any and all input.