Something missing in PHP Configuration Editor?


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Jan 18, 2008
After upgrading to WHM 11.38.2 (build 6) Stable and updating Apache via EasyApache v3.22.14 recently, I've found in PHP Configuration Editor there is no zlib.output_compression_level. Is it normal or not?

Before the upgrade/updating, zlib.output_compression_level was listed in the PHP Configuration Editor. I turned On zlib.output_compression, but now I cannot set a number in zlib.output_compression_level that is not there now.

So I have to add zlib.output_compression_level in php.ini file via SSH into the server? Add it exactly under zlib.output_compression = On?

There are three php.ini files associated with cPanel:


In which php.ini should I add zlib.output_compression_level?

Also, I guess cPanel system already has a default value for the zlib.output_compression_level. What is the default level number?

Further, what is the best zlib.output_compression_level value in terms of not affecting server CPU loading, not degrading server performance, compressing data and speeding up php page rendering and loading?

Any helpful reply is highly expected and appreciated!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You should edit the following file:


The other files you listed are for cPanel's internal PHP only. The default value for "zlib.output_compression_level" is "-1" per:

PHP: Runtime Configuration - Manual

Thank you.