sometimes sites resolve, other times get host not found


Feb 6, 2005
this has been an ongoing issue with this server on and off for nearly 18 months. it's a standard cpanel on centos installation and if you try to access sites on the server occasionally you simply just can't get there.

pinging the ip will be fine, will be fine, may be fine but then will give you a 'host not found' error. maybe it'll work later, maybe not. maybe it's fine for me and not for my customer, broken from one remote location and not another. it's very frustrating...

restarting bind, rebooting the server, upgrading to the current build of cpanel, /scripts/rebuildnamedconf, /scripts/fixrdnc, /scripts/fixnamedviews, none of it works.

i'd welcome any suggestions that anyone can offer at this point, as this has been dragging on now for over a year, and i don't see any end in sight. it's probably something simple but i just dont see it.