'Sorry, the copy failed. Unable to find the cpanel user file'


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Feb 29, 2004
Sydney, Australia
RobertOnTheAir said:
Latest edge says the issue should be fixed.

<~~~ happily off to give it a shot. :D
Mmmm... I'd prefer a backport for RELEASE. *pages developers* :P


Dec 14, 2004
Is there a bug report open for this?
Also does this mean to revert to the previous stable release (before 9.9.9) to have this function working again??


Sep 1, 2004
I managed to get my accounts to transfer from one server to another, but the thing didn't copy any of the mailing lists in the accounts. Some people had many as 20 mailing lists for various functions/teams and now all the mailing lists indicate 0/25, etc...

Does anyone know of a way to copy just the mailing list information from one server and move it to another?

I purchased my license of cpanel from a company who provides hosting services, etc., but they claim that they cannot provide any information on this. Right now it looks like I have a license from one company and they can't help, then we have CPANEL.NET who is claiming that if you bought somewhere else, go to them for support. I guess that once you buy the license, CPANEL is no longer the owner or they transfer ownership to the purchaser.



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Aug 31, 2004
Well, I have been having this problem and have spent some time trying to figure out a way around the BUG in cpanel...

The problem is not rocket science.

Is the archive missing (cwd: /backup/cpbackup/daily loaded backup-1.23.2005_10-59-18_user/cp/backup-1.23.2005_10-59-18_user)?
Unfortunately the cpanel script doing the restore doesn't understand cpanel's naming structure.

It should be looking for

As that is the structure that cpanel uses when backing up.

So the question now is...where do I modify the script to fix this problem? :rolleyes:

I have a ticket in with Cpanel...but nothing back as of yet...


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Aug 31, 2004
So, what I wound up doing was decompressing the backup file, changing the name of the main folder "backup-1.23.2005_10-59-18_user" to "user" then tar it back up again...

Copy the file to where-ever you are going to restore from, and let her fly...all done.

This should really be fixed sooner then later. I saw on bug zilla that it is supposedly fixed already, but on the latest "Release" or newer, it doesn't work without doing as described above.

Nightly backups restore just fine.


Dec 22, 2003
I solved this problem

Finally i could restore an account than i couldn`t restore.

Those are the steps:

0.- Log into your account using shell access.

1.- Put the full backup into '/usr/home/cprestore' directory
(u can use wget to get the file if is in other server)

2.- Extract the file Full_backup_2005.....USERNAME.tar.gz

3.- Rename the created directory from Full_backup_2005.....USERNAME.tar.gz to USERNAME).
(mv Full_backup_2005.....USERNAME.tar.gz USERNAME.tar.gz)

4.- Delete the tar.gz file (the full backup u descompresed)
(rm *.tar.gz)

5.- Compress the directory, so u should get a file named USERNAME.tar.gz
(tar-c USERNAME.tar.gz < USERNAME)

6.- Move the file USERNAME.tar.gz to /usr/home directory
(mv USERNAME.tar.gz /usr/home)

Now, you have a directory into /usr/home/cprestore named USERNAME
and a file into /user/home named USERNAME.tar.gz

7.- Log into WHM and restore a backup from cpmove.
8.- Thats all, the account is created now without problems.

I dont know linux, my english is very bad, and i just use Cpanel since 1 week ago, so im sure there is another way to do this, but i finally restored the account with those steps.

Lucky !