space/bandwidth percentage - edit multiple accounts at once?


Nov 19, 2013
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App to optimise WHM with limitations. anything close to this?

I would love to run through and change all space/bandwidth to 50% (minimum set e.g. 300 space / 1000 bandwidth). maybe just showing percentage usage, then check boxes, and input for space/bandwidth, I don;t mind doing it manually if its all on one page. automatic would be an idea also : optimize all to 50% (do not optimize account above 50% usage, because I want accounts running with high bandwidth to be close to their quota and not optimized). check boxes because I would want to leave excessive space and bandwidth on some.

I have too many accounts to edit on a regular basis and for the future if I am going to host more at current quota level.

Often websites grow quickly, then slow down slowly, then grow quickly again; and I give every one extra quota to start with, so I end up with most sites having very high quotas for their usage (too many to manually edit)


Also I like the bandwidth percentage viewer to display percentage bandwidth, is there one for space?